About Stonestep
Stonestep brings decades of mass- and micro-insurance capability in front- and back-office technology to bring "Microinsurance as a Service" to our global partners.
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Who are we?

Stonestep is a Swiss-based insurtech firm that is changing how insurance is delivered in emerging markets.

With its ‘Microinsurance as a Service’ platform, Stonestep enables mobile network operators, retailers and other corporations to easily diversify their services and generate additional revenue, by offering risk products designed to address the needs of first-generation insurance customers at an affordable price.

Headquartered in Switzerland, we are global in reach. From South America and Africa to Asia, where we are now expanding into Singapore, the Philippines and Myanmar.

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Our Expertise
Stonestep's Products, Distribution and Tangible Services,
bring our partners closer to their customers.


We specialize in tangible consumer risk products protecting property and income, and providing services that customers can use now.


Our "Microinsurance as a Service" structure allows our global partners to expand into a new line of customer services, improving brand value while maintaining focus on their core business.


We build local networks to deliver real services directly to our customers. We bring the platform necessary for high volume, low ticket, high frequency risk products for all.

Our Vision & Proposition
We make it easy for our clients to build and grow successful insurance offerings
which complement their core business.
Our Global Experience

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Flag Brazil

Launched the first dedicated mass-consumer insurance and service provider in the country, growing it to service over 18 million annual customers via mobile operators, retailers, utilities, and other channels.


Flag Ghana

Designed the first smartphone protection product in the country, enabling consumers to protect what is often their most valuable possession and connection to the outside world.


Flag Thailand

Launched the first Pre-Paid SIM card which included accident income protection, a product never before accessible to the 'unbanked'. Now over 100,000 new customers are signing on to this protection a month.


Flag Myanmar

Partnered with the countries' leading microfinance provider to truly understand the risks their clients face. Enabling the creation of risk products that will protect over 600,000 people.


Flag Jordan

Designed and implemented a market-first and award winning product for working women with cash benefits for hospitalization.


Flag China

Implemented savings deposit-linked insurance and micro-accident policies through partners in rural China.


Flag Bolivia

Rolled out multiple products with specific "tangibility" features such as pharmacy discounts, food voucher. "Scratch-card" policy forms with pre-paid Personal Accident and phone activation.


Flag Mexico

Implemented simple over-the-counter insurance for accidents, dental, medical assistance, and mobile phone handsets via the market's leading retail channels as well as through microfinance institutions.


Flag South Africa

Developed and implemented the first smartphone-enabled microinsurance field agency with a leading mobile-bank, offering legal protection products to customers in the townships.


Flag Chile

Designed and implemented strategies which have developed some of the largest distributors of mass-consumer insurance in the market -- specialized insurance departments within leading retail groups.


Flag Indonesia

Designed and implemented products ranging from mobile device protection through to protection of the home, distributing these through multiple channels.

Stonestep Leadership Team
Led by pioneers of the industry, and globally based,
our team members are uniquely focused on our partners goals.
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